• Haflinger Sandal

    Are Flip Flops Really Bad For You?

    Flip flops are the easy, comfortable slip-on shoe for lounging outside, casual errands or beach days. There is nothing better than to slip your feet into sandals after a long summer day in tennis or work shoes. Usually, the inexpensive price tag and cute design......

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  • What are your shoes trying to tell you?

    What Are Your Shoes Trying to Tell You?

    Did you know your shoes have a set distance life expectancy? We get a lot of questions about how long to keep shoes and how to repurpose old gym shoes. Your shoes, and your feet may be trying to get your attention. What are your......

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  • Leather Polishing

    How to Polish Leather Footwear

      Minnesota winters are enemy number one of your leather footwear. The salt and snow leave unsightly stains and dry out the leather. Quality leather footwear is long lasting, though does require some care. Regular polishing and conditioning of the leather will ensure your boots......

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  • image of bare feet on a rock

    How to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms

    If you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis it can be extremely painful. Here are some simple ways to relieve your symptoms....

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  • Shoe Care and Accessories

    How to Care for Your Favorite Boots and Shoes

    We all have a favorite pair of shoes or boots and want them to last forever. They are comfortable, go with everything, but eventually, Minnesota living takes a toll. Protecting your favorite footwear may require a little extra time as the seasons change to prevent......

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  • Minnesota's Best Shoe Store

    Voted Minnesota’s Best Shoe Store

      The votes are in, and we almost can’t believe it. You voted Peterson Shoes the Best Shoe Store in this year’s Star and Tribune annual search for Minnesota’s Best. How fun it was to watch this process and the final results. We are absolutely......

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  • Dansko Paisley walking shoes

    Top Ten Picks for the Best Walking Shoes

    One trend we have been hearing a lot about from our customers and seeing now that the weather has turned a little warmer is walking. Everyone is out walking right now both for exercise and to get out of the house. Walking is great exercise,......

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  • quadrastep orthoses system

    Relieve Your Foot Pain with QUADRASTEP® Foot Orthoses

    As we spend more time outside, it’s common to experience new or unusual foot pain. Many of our customers complain of foot, back and hip pain after time spent walking and running outdoors. One of the products we recommend for someone looking for a shoe......

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  • summer shoes

    The Best Shoes for a Summer Outdoors

    The weather is warming and that means we are all gearing up for a summer spent outdoors. Whether you are camping, hiking the state parks or going for a run, having the correct footwear for your activities can make all the difference in performance, protection......

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  • Save 10% On Alegria & Traq

    Download and print your coupon and save 10% on Alegria & Traq shoes.  ...

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  • sandals for spring

    Supportive Sandals for Spring

    Spring is here, and after a long Minnesota winter wearing thick socks and boots, not to mention being home in quarantine, we’re all ready to show our toes! This time of year, we can’t wait to go out in sandals and other cute seasonal footwear.......

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  • Shopping Peterson Shoes During Covid-19

      WE ARE OPEN!   Our new temporary hours are: MONDAY – SATURDAY 10 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.    No appointment necessary, but you may make one if you wish by calling us at 763-421-3433 or by filling out the form below.   We are......

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  • sock talk

    Sock Talk!

    How much time do you spend thinking about your socks? If you’re like most people, probably not much. But it’s important to choose the right socks. They provide a necessary layer of comfort between your feet and your shoes, and they can affect how shoes......

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  • haflinger

    Ten Benefits of Haflinger Clogs

    With summer over and cold weather on the horizon, it’s time to think winter footwear. Haflinger clogs are a perfect shoe for winter, combining function, fashion and warmth. But did you know that Haflingers are supportive, breathable and beneficial for the health of the feet......

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  • customer shopping for shoes at peterson shoes

    Why You Should Buy Orthotic Shoe Inserts In-Store Instead of Online

    Shopping for shoes online is convenient, but when it comes to orthotic shoes and shoe inserts, it’s better to shop in-store. Here are just a few reasons why....

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